DIY: Worry Doll T-shirt


I saw this quirky little t-shirt on Instagram and immediately fell in love. My t-shirt dreams were crushed when I clicked the ‘shop now’ link and discovered it cost a whopping £140. Yep. For a t-shirt.

So why spend £140 when you can make it for less than £15!

You’ll need:


Step 1: Measure your ribbon along the length of the pocket leaving approximately a 1cm  ‘hem’ on each end to stop any fraying.


Step 2: Fold the ‘hem’ underneath and pin a strip of wonderweb the same length and width as your piece of ribbon in place.


Step 3: With additional pins so as not to move the wonderweb, pin the length of ribbon to the pocket of your t-shirt. Set your iron to a medium – high setting and iron along the ribbon starting at the edge. Keep ironing over the ribbon for about 20 seconds until the ribbon doesn’t budge.


Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have completely covered the pocket with strips of ribbon. If the edges of your ribbon don’t feel secure lightly hand stitch around the outer edge of the pocket leaving the top open.


Step 5: Evenly space the worry dolls along the top of the pocket and hand sew in place. If sewing isn’t your forte, use a good quality fabric glue but don’t forget to place a piece of grease proof paper inside your t-shirt to avoid gluing the t-shirt together!

SewingWorryDoll     PocketDolls



(If you’re not feeling frugal you can shop the real thing here!)


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