DIY: Happy Haunting Halloween Wreath

Who said Halloween has to be scary? Add some cuteness to your Halloween decorations with this Happy Haunting ghost wreath.

You’ll need:

  • Polystyrene wreath
  • Grey, orange and white felt
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Toy stuffing
  • Glue gun or fabric glue
  • Black sharpie pen


Step 1: Cover the wreath

Cut the grey felt into 5 inch wide strips. Draw a scalloped design on the strips and cut out, keep the scraps, you’ll use them for the bunting. Glue one end of the felt to the polystyrene ring and wrap around the ring covering as much of the polystyrene as possible. Repeat until the ring is completely covered.

DSC_0734  DSC_0737  DSC_0738

Step 2: The Bow

Cut out another strip of grey felt and glue a smaller strip of orange felt on top (you won’t see the glue when it dries!). Loop through the wreath and glue the two ends together.


Cut out a large rectangle in grey felt and a smaller rectangle in orange felt. Center the orange felt on top of the grey and pinch in the middle. Sew in place.

DSC_0742  DSC_0744

Wrap a small piece of orange felt around the middle of the bow and glue at the back.


Cut two more strips of grey felt and cut an upside down ‘V’ shape at one end to make the points. Repeat on a smaller scale with the orange felt and glue on top of the larger grey pieces.


Glue the two pointed strips to the back of the bow and attach to the top of the felt that was looped through the wreath.

DSC_0747  DSC_0748

Step 3: The Ghosts

Fold the white felt in half and draw the outline of the ghosts. With the felt still folded in half cut out the shapes so you end up with two identical pieces for each ghost.

DSC_0725  DSC_0724  DSC_0727

With the pen marks facing out, stitch both identical shapes together leaving the bottom edge open. Turn the ghost inside out so the pen marks are now on the inside and fill with toy stuffing. Stitch the bottom of the ghost closed and glue on the eyes. Repeat in various shapes and sizes until you have five ghosts in total. Pin the ghosts to the center of the wreath, when you’re happy with their positioning glue in place.

DSC_0728  DSC_0730  DSC_0731  DSC_0732  DSC_0749

Step 4: The Bunting

Use the scraps leftover from the scalloped pieces of felt to cut out two long, thin strips of felt to act as the rope for the bunting. Glue two ends together and twist the two strips around each other to create a rope effect. Glue the other two ends together to hold in place. Cut out diamond shapes in orange felt and glue the center of the diamond to the grey rope. Glue one half of the diamond and fold in half for the flag. Repeat until you have enough flags to display your message. Use a sharpie to write your message on the bunting then attach to the wreath.

DSC_0752  DSC_0753



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