Drab to Fab Ikea Lamp


I have a really bad habit of impulse buying in the Zara sale, I’m a sucker for those little orange reduced stickers! I bought this top for £7.99 over three years ago and I have never worn it. It has moved from my wardrobe to the charity shop bag so many times it’s ridiculous. The only reason I keep taking it out of the bag is because of the pretty embellishments along neckline.

After finally admitting to myself that I’m NEVER going to wear it I decided to recycle it and put the crystal trim to good use by upcycling an Ikea lampshade…


This project literally took five minutes, all I had to do was cut the stitching that was holding the crystals in place, separate them with scissors and glue them to the lampshade with hot glue. Et voilà! Drab to fab in no time.

I tend to keep embellishments from old pieces of clothing or broken necklaces for projects like this. If you don’t have any handy you can pick up a beaded trim on eBay for around £8 per meter. Bargain!


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