DIY: Glitter Stag Canvas

Remember when Whitney Port was told her outfit was ‘a little too matchy-matchy’? Wise words when it comes to fashion, but when it comes to home decor I’m a little obsessed with colour co-ordinating EVERYTHING. My mother despairs at my all-white bedroom and I think if I tell my boyfriend not to buy something house related because ‘it doesn’t match’ one more time, I might find myself single.


I spotted this cute glitter canvas on Pinterest and knew I had to make my own to match the purple and gold baubles on the Christmas tree which just so happens to match the purple and gold themed banister garland (which also matches the carpet)…

You’ll need:

  • White canvas
  • Acrylic paint (I mixed lilac with a little dark brown)
  • Gold glitter
  • Mod podge/white craft paint
  • Hairspray



Step One: Paint the Stripes

Draw evenly spaced stripes on your canvas with pencil (don’t use pen, it will show up under the paint), and fill in with the acrylic paint. You can make the edges of your stripes sharper by running a strip of masking tape or sellotape along the pencil line and then removing once the paint has dried but this was a little too time consuming for me. Plus there’s something weirdly therapeutic about trying to paint inside the lines.



Step Two: The Stag Head

A quick google search will throw up loads of stag head stencils for you to choose from, all you need to do is re-size it and print. I re-sized mine to A3.  Cut out your stencil, place in the middle of your canvas and draw around the silhouette.


Next, cover the entire stag in in glue. You might need to be quick depending on how fast your glue dries. I find mod podge takes a bit longer too dry than most so I had plenty of time to play with. Make sure you glue as close to the edges as possible but be careful, the glitter will show up any splodges or uneven lines. Once you’ve finished gluing completely cover your silhouette in glitter and shake off any excess. To stop any fallout, seal the glitter by spraying a generous layer of hairspray over the top of it.


You can turn your stag into Rudolph by leaving a circle in the middle and sprinkling with red glitter once the gold glitter has dried.





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