Drab to Fab Ikea Jug

PhototasticCollage-2016-01-10-18-40-39As an advocate for all things white even I have to admit that the SOCKERÄRT jug from Ikea is pretty drab. The best thing about white is that it’s a blank canvas…

After a bit of googling I discovered the Pébéo Porcelaine 150 range of paints that are specifically for ceramics. All you have to do is get your paint on then pop your finished item into the oven for twenty minutes and it’s microwave and dishwater proof!


A 45ml pot is around £4.25 on Amazon which is a little pricey, so to keep my costs low I ordered a few basic colours along with a pot of white and a pot of black to create lighter and darker shades for outlining and highlighting. What’s good about these little beauties is that the colour is really concentrated and a little goes a long way. I did notice that the paint dried really quickly, so I had to work fast.


I started by adding a bit of white to the standard colours and painted the basic shapes of the flowers onto the jug. I then added the tiniest bit of black to darken the colours down a little and painted on a bit more detail.


Ta-dah! The finished product. You can’t tell from the pictures but when I took the jug out of the oven it had such a shiny glaze as though it had been fired in a kiln!





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