DIY: Turn an old dress into statement cushion!

We’ve all done it, bought something… worn it once… retired it to the abyss we like to call a wardrobe.

Recycle your unwanted clothes by turning them into something you’ll love! Here’s a DIY on how to turn a dress into a statement cushion…

You’ll need:

  • An old (or never worn!) dress
  • Pom-pom trim
  • Felt
  • Toy stuffing
  • Sewing machine (optional – hand sew if you wish!)
  • Glue gun
  • Pins


Step 1: The Cushion

Cut the bottom half of the dress off and cut along the two side seams to make two identical pieces. Lay one piece right side facing up and pin the pom-pom trim along the the outer edges with the pom-poms facing in. Do this in one sweep – there’s no need to cut four lengths, when you get to the corner just fold the trim down and continue pinning in place along the next edge. Hand sew or machine sew along the band to hold in place. If you plan on using a machine make sure the zipper foot is attached otherwise the pom-poms will get in the way.



Once the pom-pom trim is in place use pins to pin each pom-pom as far away from the band as possible – you want to sew along the inner edge of the trim (roughly where the red lines are below), this is so you don’t see the thick band once your cushion is turned right side out.


Next, lay the other piece of fabric on top right side facing down and pin in place. You need to pin this on top of the pins holding down the pom-poms. As you pin double check that all of the band is included in the seam allowance. Hand sew or machine in place – leave three inches open along one edge to allow you to turn your pillow right side out.


Remove the pins and turn the cushion right side out via the section you left open. The pom-pom trim should look like this…


Stuff your cushion with toy stuffing until it’s nice and plump and hand stitch the opening closed. Make sure to tuck in the band as you sew.




Step 2: The Flowers

Cut out circles in each of the different colours of felt, cut the circles that will be used for the inner petals slightly smaller than the others.


Add a small dab of hot glue to the edge of the circle and pinch the sides together to make a petal shape.


Pin the first layer of petals to the cushion and when you’re happy with the positioning glue in place. Glue the next layer of petals on top and continue until the flower is complete. To finish off snip a pom-pom from the leftover trim and glue to the centre of the flower.







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